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Welt Imobiliare is a real estate agency that emerged on Cluj market in 2002, and has consolidated its position as area leader in the real estate field through its high quality services. No matter the type of real estate transaction – sale, purchase, or renting – Welt Imobiliare is the ideal partner and the guaranty of your success. We bring you a young and strong professional team, who put ethics and high quality services first, as they are totally committed to fulfill the dreams that have brought you to us. We are here for your comfort and well-being. We want to be the strongest company, and the company you love best. Creativity, daring, dynamism, openness, attention to details, and consistency define Welt Imobiliare in everything it does.

Our responsibilities consist of: selecting, promoting, and presenting the real estate supply; providing advice and current information about the market pulse; assisting in the negotiation process; preparing the necessary documents for concluding transactions; and advice after concluding the deed of conveyance/rent agreement.

It is well known that the real estate market has become dominated by bank credits, which for many buyers represent the only choice they have to buy a real estate property. We are at your disposal with free advice on mortgage, real estate, or consumption credits. Choosing the type of credit that is most beneficial to you, and preparing the complete file for the bank have long been part of our services. Through us, our partners: B.C.R. (the Romanian Commercial Bank), Bancpost, Transylvania Bank, the Romanian Bank, B.R.D. (the Romanian Development Bank), Raiffeisen Bank are waiting to help you.

Hoping the information on our website will be most useful to you, we invite you to visit us at our office at 21 Decembrie Blvd., no. 24 , apt 3, Cluj-Napoca .

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