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Top grade dried fruit suppliers:

Top grade dried fruit suppliers:


Beijing - There are many advantages of the eating for the dried fruit. However, most of people could not be aware of this point. In order to let people have fully understanding about the advantage about the dried fruit, the famous dried fruit wholesale which website is would let people know more about these strong points.

The reasonable proportion of the eating for dried fruit could reduce woman's risk of the developing type 2 diabetes. The researchers of Public Health Nutrition of Harvard School had investigated 84,000 women who have been aged from 34 to 59 in 11 countries. This follow-up survey has been continued for about 16 years. The result has shown that eating more nuts will be able to significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is the good news for most of people who have been suffering from this disease.

The dried fruit exporters which website is has told to people that the second advantage of the eating for dried fruit wholesale dried fruit is that it could decrease the rate of sudden cardiac death because the dried fruit has some of the ingredients which have antiarrhythmic effect. From the research data, the people who eat the dried fruit have low rate of this disease.

The other factor is that the eating for dried fruit could help people scavenge the free radicals in people¡¯s body. The free radicals are very reactive and it would have reacting with human body tissue and DNA. This would produce toxic effects and damage. Studies have shown that some foods such as sunflower seeds would have strong scavenging capacity for free radical.

On the other hand, the eating for the dried fruit could help people fully develop their brain. The brain cells have been constructed by 60 percent of unsaturated fatty acids and 35 percent of the protein. Therefore, for the development of people¡¯s brain, the most important nutrients are unsaturated fatty acids. The dried fruit should contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. On the other hand, it has also contained 15 percent to 20 percent of the ten kinds of high-quality protein and essential amino acid which are main ingredients of brain cells.

The other good effect for the eating of dried fruit should be the weight loss. Most of the dried fruit are dried fruit China very beneficial to people¡¯s body. The dried fruit should be the collection of vegetative extracts and it is also rich for minerals, vitamins E and B complex. These substances could add luster to people¡¯s skin from the inside to the outside. Many doctors recommend that eating more dried fruit could help people treat constipation because the containing dietary fiber and fat would have good effect to this disease.

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