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Top grade manufacturer for coal preparation machine:

Top grade manufacturer for coal preparation machine:


Beijing - When people use the pressurefilter of the coal washing machine for a long period of time, they should pay more attention to the maintaining and repairing of this part of coal washer. The coal washing machine is the most important part of the whole plant of coal preparation working line. If there is some problem about this part, the whole plant would not have the normal operation. In that kind of situation, the maintenance and repairing for the parts of coal washing machine should be necessary on the normal agenda. On the other hand, the problem about how to properly maintain the filter press of coal washing equipment has become very important.

The engineer from website has said that the lubrication and maintenance to match parts and transmission parts of the pressurefilter of the coal washing is very important. The feedback signal position of automatic control system and accuracy and reliability of the operation for hydraulic components of hydraulic system must be guaranteed. In this kind of situation, the operation of this machine could be properly.

First, the operator should carefully check whether the connections are secure or not in their daily working time. On the other hand, they should also coal preparation pay more attention to the conditions of each component. If they find the informal condition of component, they should promptly notify the service personnel to repair and replace the bad part. This is the basically standard for the maintaining of the coal preparation equipments.

For the drawing board trolley, chain sprockets, bearings, piston and other parts, people should check them regularly in the daily working time. On the other hand, people should also pay more attention to the cleaning condition of each part of the machine. In order to ensure flexible movement of the machine, the lubrication of the coal preparation machines should also be guaranteed.

On the other hand, people should also take care of the maintaining of hydraulic systems for coal washing equipment. For the maintenance of the hydraulic system, people should mainly care about the inspection and maintenance of hydraulic components and the sealing parts of each interface.

The sealing surfaces of the filter plate should be always checked. This could help people keep the smooth and clean of this part. Before the pressing of this part, they have to carefully examine the filter cloth. People should ensure the non- folding, no damage and no slag condition of. On the other hand, people should often wash the cloth and this could guarantee the cloth filter performance.

In addition to the carefully caring for these machines, the purchasing of the high quality coal preparation machines coal processing such as coal washer and coal drying machine is also very important. If people want to achieve this goal, they should browse the website

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