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Klugman CM Capital Markets to Acquire Key Player Sugar and Biofuels Information Provider

Klugman CM ( today announced that has signed a definitive agreement to acquire, a privately-held, Japanese-based provider of price information and analytics for the global sugar and biofuels markets.

The acquisition, whose purchase price was not disclosed, is expected to close in two weeks, subject to customary closing conditions and after that the name will be made public.

“Klugman CM is pleased to add these services to our wonderful stable of world-class businesses,” Michael Chan, recently named Managing Director and also Head of Energy and Commodities, Southeast Asia at Klugman CM. “As we move to separate our education company from our financial and commodities intelligence businesses at the end of the year, this acquisition strengthens our leading position as providers of essential intelligence in the capital and commodity markets.”

“The firm we are acquiring is widely recognized as one of the key players and a global brand for sugar market data and analytics,” said Larry Berger, Agricultural Commodities Director at Klugman CM. “Our acquisition of deepens Klugman CM’ capabilities in biofuels and gives us a springboard for growth in the global agricultural markets. It also reinforces our commitment to becoming a leader in market analytics as well as news and price information.”

Mr. Berger noted that agriculture is a large, complex global commodity market similar to other markets that Klugman CM serves. “It requires the level of pricing expertise that Klugman CM can uniquely offer,” He said, “and, with its broad range of sub-sectors, it presents multiple opportunities for Klugman CM to develop benchmarks that support market evolution and enhance price transparency.”

Klugman CM ( serves a global clientele of producers, traders, refiners, financial institutions and end-users, offering a variety of services covering most global markets.

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Klugman CM Capital Markets ( is a full-service commodity advisory located in Hong Kong. Our experienced advisors have continually strived to provide individually tailored advice to help speculators and producers achieve their marketing goals. In addition to our brokerage services, we specialize in currencies and metal advisory services for producers. The advisory services not only give personalized advice, but also execution on that advice.

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