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The website brings a complete guide for people need to apply for a duplicate PAN card.

12, April 2016: The PAN card is an important document or an identity card for the citizens of India. If someone loses his/her PAN card or it gets damaged somehow, there is a simple process to get a duplicate copy of the PAN card. But very few people are aware of the process of applying for a duplicate pan card. The website now offers a complete guide, allowing people to learn about the process of applying for the second copy of their PAN card.

The site brings an informative article, detailing the application process for a duplicate PAN with the applicable fees and charges. More importantly, it allows an applicant to track the delivery status of the duplicate card from UTI-NSDL. The article is written in simple English, which one can easily understand and can complete the application process for a duplicate PAN without any difficulty. The same application process will be applicable for the residents of all Indian states.

The article details out the duplicate pan card application process in a step by step manner so that one can easily apply for it. As per the article, an applicant can apply online, but in some cases, the government of India may allow to apply offline as well. However, in order to complete the application process and take it to the next step, it’s essential for an applicant to submit the necessary duplicate PAN charges or fees. The government is also set to launch a programme for people to apply for a duplicate PAN, either online or offline.

With this article, the website intends to offer the complete details about applying for a duplicate copy of the PAN card. However, if someone still has a doubt or query, he or she can contact them to get all the relevant answers to their question to complete the duplicate PAN application process with knowledge and confidence. The article shares information about both the online and offline application process. For the offline application, one needs to visit the nearest office of the UTI-NSDL in their locality. The article is available for free and one can access it on the website .

About is an informative website that shares all the information about the PAN card registration, PAN card application, tracking PAN card status, modifying name on the PAN card and applying for a duplicate PAN card. All information is presented in an easily understandable language, allowing people to complete the application process, either online or offline.

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