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Social media pitch is the official site for online registration of voter ID card as well as for verifying the EVIC
Summary is the official site for online registration of voter ID card as well as for verifying the EVIC status and for fulfilling a host of other obligations regarding the same.


India, 02, April 2016: One of the most fundamental of rights that an Indian citizen exercises is the freedom to cast his or her vote favoring a specific candidate. The very fact that an individual becomes eligible to exercise this basic right palpably proves that the person is a genuine Indian citizen. In order to cast ballot, a person needs to register as a voter either offline or online in his or her respective state. Once the Indian citizen duly registers as an elector or voter, that individual receives an EVIC (election voter ID card) or EPIC (electors photo identity card) card. Though many people get confused by the two distinct acronyms-EPIC and EVIC-they’re identical.

The Indian Constitution enshrines that the government at the centre and in the states must be formed via a democratically elected process. Therefore, it falls upon the serving administration to ensure that the Indian electorate is able to elect candidates of their choice. Additionally, it is up to the incumbent government to make all necessary arrangements for conducting elections fairly and in an orderly manner so that the elected government has the mandate of the entire electorate.

On the other hand, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen of India to make proper use of the right of expressing his or her electoral preference and also to make sure that this right is not usurped by others. This specific website guides Indian citizens on almost all aspects related to voter id as well as on the procedure to follow in order to track one’s name on voter list. For instance, a person can confirm status of EVIC card by logging onto the site; submit application for a new card online; apply for receiving a replica of voter card; making changes in the card address as and when required; correcting spelling mistakes in name or address, and making age corrections.

One can also download the voter card when connected to the net, and make an application for a fresh card in case the original one gets lost. All the aforementioned tasks can be completed from any of the 29 states in India as every state has a chapter of the ‘Election Commission of India’ with its respective website. This portal lists the website address of the CEO (chief electoral officer) of all states. For ascertaining voter ID status, an individual will have to furnish the following information after going online:-

* Name of individual
* Date of Birth
* Gender
* State
* Name of father
* Electoral Constituency

After the above details have been entered, clicking on the search tab will throw up the voter list of the respective constituency and a snapshot with the individual’s name and status of voter card will be shown.

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Any Indian citizen desirous of knowing his or her voter ID status or intending to apply for a new voter card can log onto the abovementioned site.