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Rhonda Jones wrote a new Christian book dedicated to enhancing daily devotion.

Sacramento, CA; 12, November 2014: Noted Christian author Rhonda Jones has recently released her new book entitled “A Date with God”. The book is an instructional book and journal that guides readers through ten simple steps that can turn their devotional time with God into a daily power hour and help develop a more personal relationship with Him.

Rhonda Jones’ newest book is divided into two sections; the instructional book, and the personal journal. The instructional book provides a variety of ideas on how to extend personal time with God and provides an in depth explanation as to why God is such a crucial aspect of building faith and keeping strong. The book discuss the key steps for devoting time to God, which include; setting intentions for time with God, checking in with God, reading daily devotionals, meditate on God’s word, dwell in God’s presence through silent meditation, record prayer requests, pray to God in spirit, show gratitude to God, read daily declarations, mission statements, and provides an effective closing prayer. The journal portion of the book allows readers to write down their progress on the “Date with God” steps, record data, complete the daily scheduler, utilize the many organizational forms for listing short and long term goals, project management, and much more.

Many readers have concluded that after finishing Rhonda Jones’ “Date with God” book, they feel renewed, cleansed, and incredibly closer to God. One reader confirmed that “A Date with God will transform your life and your relationship with God forever.”

Rhonda Jones wrote this book understanding that many people are quite busy with their daily lives and do not necessarily have ample time to reflect with God. Jones believes it is essential to utilize the power of God to its fullest potential. She wants to help others increase Gods presence and learn how to spend more time with Him. As she mentions in her book, “If you aren’t giving God the first fruits of your day, you could be missing out on some blessings as God desires fellowship with his children.” God says in the Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart,” said Jones. “I created a Date with God for this very purpose. To help believers seek God with their heart and not just their minds,” declared the author.

Rhonda Jones is the noted Christian author of “Help Me God Change My Life” and is proud to release her second book. She is the founder of the award-winning website and is also the creator of over twenty five Christ-centered meditation and affirmation CDs.

For more information on “A Date with God Instructional Book and Journal”, and Rhonda Jones’ interactive Christian website (including a Date with God Devotional Video, available for Free on Youtube), individuals are encouraged to visit her website directly and become a part of the community. “A Date with God Instructional Book and Journal” is now available online as an ebook or paperback via Amazon or her website,

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