Westingames offering great deals on Cobra ODE QSV and Crystal Epoxy Skin Stickers

United States of America; 16/01/2014: Established in 2009, Westing Technology Company Limited is a renowned company, dealing in video game accessories and repair parts. Its products are basically for Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo NDS/ Wii series, along with Apple and Samsung smartphones, flashing tools, housing shells, controllers, power supply, LCD screens, etc.

List of advantages that come with Westingames include fast delivery (in approximate 3 working days), huge number of products in competitive prices and low MOQ, all of the products being well covered up with insurance and warranty, and professional one- to- one online and website platform service. The company aims in becoming the biggest Chinese exporter and wholesaler of family entertainment and video game products. It prefers helping its customers to exploit the market in order to sell the products as simply as possible.

Of all the products on offer, two in particular are of great demand in both local and foreign markets. The sale of the optical drive simulator, Cobra ODE QSV and the PS4 skin stickers, Crystal Epoxy is gaining momentum with each passing day. This version of Cobra ODE QSV mainly caters to the users of 4K/ 4K2, 3K and 2K console owners. This version is compatible fully with all major software updates but fails to support the older SATA/ PATA FAT consoles or the SLIM consoles of the 2K/ 2K1 series. List of other features include playing games on SEN in emulation/ pass- through modes, updatable through USB storage, games can be selected on- screen via Cobra ODE manager, on- board Advanced Smart Fusion decryption and encryption engine, Use of high quality components throughout, expansion ports, and much more.

Crystal Epoxy Skin stickers are one of the major revenue earners for the company and are a huge hit amongst the teenagers all over the globe. These top quality graphics vinyl stickers are ideal for the PS4 system. These stickers not only help the user to individualize his gaming console but also protect the system from scratches, finger prints, dust and other damages. These are designed and cut digitally so as to guarantee a perfect fit. The entire thing can be done in minutes, with the smart design allowing an easy access to all controls and buttons. These stickers are 100% removable and leave no sticky residue or damage when removing. There are 50 themes from which interested buyers can choose from.

Westingames do look forward in associating with every retailer and wholesaler in the country. Apart from the finished- products, the company do supply various kinds of components and repair tools for all kinds of gaming consoles. Now if one is a retailer or is an owner of a repairing business, they can feel free to leave any kind of enquiry in the website itself.

About Westingames:

URL: http://westingames.com

Westing Technology Company Limited deals in video game accessories and repair parts. Slowly and steadily it has become major household name in this part of the world.

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