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An extremely affordable 3D printer, recently released onto the market, could bring about important changes to 3DesignCen

An extremely affordable 3D printer, recently released onto the market, could bring about important changes to 3DesignCenter’s field of specialisation.


May 20th 2014 - A newly-released, extremely affordable 3D printing device could well bring about important changes to the field companies such as 3DesignCenter operate within, British newspaper the Daily Mail reports.


Less expensive than an iPhone (at a retail cost of only about £150), this device – dubbed the Micro 3D – boasts many of the capabilities of much larger pieces of hardware. Its compact dimensions mean that it can only print objects up to about 116mm in height, but for businesses specialising in smaller 3D-printed items (such as jewellery), this new gadget will undoubtedly be of interest.


As far as the potential uses of this device go, the Daily Mail reports that the Micro 3D will not only print jewellery, but also small custom toys and even items of food, such as chocolate bars. The range of action of the hardware is thus exponentially broadened, creating a larger potential range for customers of companies like 3DesignCenter.


Customers interested by the Micro 3D will also be pleased to know that this device has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The printer comes ready to use out of the box, doing away with the need for the sort of complicated set-up these sorts of machines are usually known for, and can also be used in conjunction with open-source software. In addition, the 3D Micro is power-efficient and easy to use, even for 3D printing neophytes.


This wealth of attractive features has helped raise interest for the Micro 3D among the 3D printing community (including 3DesignCenter), to the extent where the ongoing Kickstarter campaign launched by M3D, the Maryland-based manufacturers of the device, managed to generate revenue in excess of £155.000 in its short time online. Having exceeded their target in terms of money raised, the developers are now ready to begin shipping the machine, with distribution set to begin in 2015. The ‘early bird’ model, priced at only £109, has already sold out on the firm’s website.


The Kickstarter campaign for this device finishes in May, 2014.


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