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Bamboo Creasian- high quality bamboo products: bamboo solid poles, bamboo fencing, bamboo woven matting, Asian palm thatch which is produce under strict quality control : checking from core processing to complete packing and export processing.
High quality allbamboo products:
1.Bamboo solid poles for constructions, interior and exterior design12ft / 1″ dia to 5″ ia/natural color golden yellow&green tiger color & sanded skin color.
2. Bamboo rolled fences: No water absorption, no gap between poles, straight poles:Fencing products are made of bamboo canes which are enough to get old ( from 4 years old ) to harvest.Dimension: 3ftx8ft, 4ftx8ft, 6ftx8ft, 8ftx8ft/ Dia: from 1/8″ to 2″
Color: Natural , Metallic Mahogany
3. Bamboo matting , bamboo woven panel; bamboo board panel for Wall covering décor and ceiling covering décor High end finish: Handmade products, 100% bamboo material, don’t get moisture & mould, no scratches…Other Sizes, Styles, Colors and weave size and from 1 layer to 5 layers available
4. Asian Thatch and Mexico thatch for : Palapa, bamboo umbrellas, Tiki hut
5. Bamboo bed and furniture : King size, Queen Sizes/ Color:
Natural and Mahogany

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